DM Weil was born in New York City and grew up in the Bronx. Her earliest memories are of sitting at the kitchen table drawing for hours. By the age of nine, DM had already won a number of local drawing contests. Her mom’s earliest memories were of her drawing before she could speak.

A turning point came in sixth grade, when DM was accepted to both art and music talent programs, but could only choose one. DM chose the music talent program and started on a path that led all the way to becoming a published songwriter and member of BMI.

Through the years, DM Weil’s artistic urges led to forays in photography and interior design. But the impulse to paint remained strong. By 2004, she built herself a studio in the mountains of New Paltz, NY.  This began a two year period of intense experimentation during which she discovered an affinity for acrylics, which allow her to paint layers upon layers quickly without the long drying times normally associated with oils. She found herself painting bold, brilliant images, mostly on large canvases.

As friends and neighbors, came by her studio, DM was both surprised and humbled by the acceptance of her work, and in 2005, she had sold her first painting.  This encouraged her to devote all of her available energy to painting, along with showing and selling her work.

The fact that DM Weil’s work touches so many people in so many ways has brought her a level of success that has enabled her to join the select group of artists who own their own galleries.  In 2006 she opened Gallery 721 @ Sobro in New York City.

By 2011, after looking for a large enough space to house and show her large body of work, she built the DM Weil Gallery, a 3000 square foot museum style space.

DM has had solo shows at the John Allen Gallery in midtown Manhattan, the Reiss Gallery in Soho and the Richard Stravitz gallery in Virginia Beach. Some of her works currently hang throughout the Emerson Resort and Spa in Mt. Tremper, NY.

In addition to having her works displayed in businesses and residences in the U.S., Europe and Canada, DM Weil’s paintings have been featured in two issues of Gradient, New York’s cutting edge magazine of art and culture. She has been interviewed on local television as well as in NY Living Magazine. Her exhibits have been covered by Guest Of A Guest, NYC’s hottest social news and nightlife website. In 2010 after opening her gallery,  the New Paltz Times and Gardiner Gazzette featured  DM and her gallery.  The Gallery currently ranks #2 out of 23 New Paltz attractions listed on the popular travel site, TripAdvisor with 113 5 star reviews and counting. In 2013 she formed the GOST art tour and persuaded several other local artists to join her in showing the talent that resides in Gardiner, NY. It has now grown to 21 artists in 16 locations drawing hundreds of visitors to the area twice a year, DM Weil Gallery remains the headquarters for the tour. Her latest feature was in AAA magazine which reaches out to 6 million subscribers listed DM Weil Gallery prominently, saying “The art scene is alive and well along the Wallkill River. This is perhaps best showcased at the DM Weil Gallery, a 3,000 square foot space that showcases the abstract work of its namesake artist. Bursting with color, these pieces deliver high art with zero pretension.”

Following in the tradition other successful self-taught artists, DM Weil’s work captures the raw energy that flows from an artistic spirit unencumbered by the need to adhere to the rules of the art world. DM Weil’s paintings explode with color, they are extremely dramatic and invariably elicit a strong emotional response in the viewer. Many see her work as highly musical. While recalling the simplicity of childhood, DM Weil’s paintings are imbued with a sense of form and symbolism that communicate with each viewer’s unconscious in a unique way.

DM Weil believes in giving thanks for the privilege of spending her time creating art, and so donates a portion of the proceeds from each painting sold to Manger-Weil House, an Ethiopian orphanage that she and her family helped to start.