Artist, DM Weil.


My paintings are born from emotion, intellect and my unconscious. Artistic inspiration does not always dictate my work. Mainly the process of “showing up” each day to see what appears on my canvas is what drives me. I stand before my easel and often have no preconception of what I may do, I just let it flow from me. Some days I will have an impression (image) or a technique I wish to employ. I may restrict my palette to a few colors one day and choose an array of colors another, having no idea how they will work together until they are on the canvas. I often squirt paint randomly on a blank canvas to create texture for an underpainting. From there I may blanket it with one color for a base or, when visually attracted to a pattern created, fill in the spaces with more line and color.

I have done mixed media and oil work in the past, but since I tend to paint quickly and for long stretches, acrylics have become my favorite medium to work with. I am also a musician and songwriter and I believe my musicality subconsciously finds its way into my paintings. I have been told by gallery visitors and owners alike, that viewing my works constantly reveals new things to them. One collector told me that seeing his painting each morning brought him a sense of joy, excitement, and energy; a revitalization. My goal is to constantly bring that new, exciting energy to each piece.

I feel that your formal knowledge of art should not limit your appreciation and love for it. I strive to make my art accessible and nonintimidating. If it moves you, be it from the work itself, or a sense memory it produces, that’s all you need to know!


Love Art, Love Life         


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