Events at DM Weil Gallery

At over 3,000 square feet, the DM Weil Gallery may be the largest modern art gallery in New York’s Hudson Valley.

While the eye-popping abstract creations of acclaimed painter DM Weil have been praised by critics and collectors alike, they also help add to the ambiance befitting many events held here at the gallery.

The main space is an open area of 2400 sq ft with 14 ft ceilings and original artwork hanging, a 1911 Grotrien Steinweg grand piano (fully refurbished), a media wall with large screen tv showing a slideshow of all DM Weil’s works and a small bar area.

The reception/office area is approx 800 sq ft housing all DM Weil reproductions, a small office/reproduction area, and a large Italian leather couch. Both areas have a built-in sound system. Renting the gallery includes access/use of both areas, use of the grand piano and large screen tv (for your own presentation) and use of the sound system.

Please call the gallery or contact us below for more information.

What’s Happening at The Gallery:

Upcoming Events

Networking Events

Consider the DM Weil Gallery for your Next Networking event.

Intimate Concerts

The acoustics  in the Gallery offer the perfect setting for your musical entertainment.

Janice Ian

DM Weil Gallery was proud to host an intimate evening with Janice Ian.


Community Events

Consider the Gallery space for your next community event or Retreat.

Group Meetings

Plenty of space for your group’s monthly gathering.

Group Demonstrations

Do you host Cooking Demonstrations or Sip & Paint gatherings? The DM Weil Gallery would be a perfect setting.

Reserve Your Event

Send us a message to inquire about the Gallery’s availability for your upcoming event.