Paint with DM Weil

Donna's Studio 2Looking for a gift for that special someone. It’s always hard to find something a little different…maybe this is it?

Book a day with DM Weil at her 3000 sq ft contemporary gallery and adjacent studio.

Start at 10am with a tour around the gallery and studio, you’ll get to hear all the stories behind any of her works that you wish. See how we make reproductions of her originals and then get your painting outfit ready because you will be creating your very own unique piece of art in DM’s studio right alongside her.

Choose your canvas, select your brush/es and voila! Break for lunch in the gallery (included) with wine or champagne, then it’s back to creating your very own masterpiece. The day ends at 6pm with you and your new artwork going home together, or you may leave it to dry further and we will clear coat it after it has full y dried, you will then be able to come back and pick it up or have it shipped to your home address.

Please contact the gallery for more information.