Reproduction Process

The pieces you see hanging on these walls have all gone through this process so when you purchase a reproduction of DM Weil’s art you are getting an extremely high quality enhanced print.

Reproducing DM Weil’s works is a several step process. First, we capture an image of the original with a Hasselblad H3D II 50MP camera. This gives us, approximately, a 1GB image to work with. The size of the file enables us to retain detail and color reproduction up to the dimensions of the original.

We then run the image through the Hasselblad software to sharpen and color correct. The image is then transferred to our Mac desktop where it is cropped of all surrounding information so only the image of the painting remains.

We then run the image through Photoshop for more in-depth color correction and detail enhancement. After this, the image is test printed and DM checks the colors against the original to make sure we are as close as possible (never perfect but then that is why there is only one original)

Once this is done we select the size of print we are creating (correctly proportioned to the original) and then print on our 64” Epson 11880 large format printer using archival inks. After the printing is complete we build the heavy-duty wood frame and hand stretch the canvas onto it.

The final steps are back in DM’s painting studio where she paints the edges of the frame as a continuation of the original painting and, where possible, puts more paint on the actual print to give it more texture and a unique feel (you cannot duplicate a brush stroke so each canvas giclee is a singular piece once DM has applied paint to it). A fresh signature at the bottom right-hand corner and then a coat (or several) of clear UV protective varnish to protect from fading.

This process is done on site at DM Weil’s studio.